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The Human Touch

Affordable therapies for all

The idea for the Human Touch was born originally many years ago when the project leader, Mary, was unable to afford complementary therapies. She went to college to do a reflexology course and was given treatments as part of the course. Her health and well being benefited immediately. She became aware that there were then and still are now, so many people in local communities who, because of their financial and other life circumstances, would normally view complementary therapies as a luxury and she made the decision to always make inclusive space within her therapy practice.

The Human Touch Project is an extension of that original idea. The project opened its doors for the first time in February of 2014. Since then up to the current day The Human Touch practitioners have been providing  a wide variety of Affordable Therapies for All.

At The Human Touch we:-

Provide Affordable complementary therapies,beauty treatments and Angel card readings for all in local accessible spaces

Provide Affordable  complementary therapies,beauty treatments and Angel card readings for all at local well being events/ fairs/charity fund raisers

We are also available for affordable complementary therapies,beauty treatments and Angel card readings at Pamper Parties, Hen days and Birthday parties

Our treatments are given in private practice spaces in Portslade and Shoreham by Sea. Some home visits are available

Complementary therapy treatments at The Human Touch

  • Reiki Healing
  • Chakra balancing
  • Acupressure
  • Indian head massage
  • Hand reflexology
  • Foot reflexology
  • Facial massage
  • Back, neck & shoulder massage
  • Whole body massage

Beauty treatments at The Human Touch

  • Manicures
  • Pedicures
  • Deep facial cleanse

The cost of a treatment with a Human Touch practitioner

At The Human Touch we aim to keep our cost affordable. We have a concessions category which is based on your income. If your income is £10,000 a year or less you pay the concession price, if it is above that you pay the full price. Our concessions include unemployed, self employed and part time employed people, carers, students and retired people. The cost of the treatment is dependent on the amount of time spent with the practitioner. If you book for an hour and then because of your individual needs the treatment runs into extra time you will be charged per every 15 minutes extra. Treatment costs are 30 minutes £15 or £10 for concessions One hour treatment £30 or £20 for concessions


Our Facebook page gets updated regularly and contains the latest information about the project, the practitioners and about any events we are attending. You can ask for further information by leaving a message on the page. Visit us by clicking here.